Monday, October 8, 2018

New England and the Canadian Maritimes - 2018 Foliage Run - Day - Portland to Bar Harbor, 160 miles

The theme for today is, "chiiiilllly". The bike says the air temp this morning is 50°F! I say, "Yikes!" I am wearing my riding boots, heavy wool socks, long underwear, insulated jeans, wicking undershirt and underpants, heavy sweater and my Guideware jacket with a balaclava. Actually, with all this, I am quite comfortable. The temp slowly rises to 55 and we end the riding day at 4 PM at 57. Having dealt with the temp, the riding is otherwise spectacular! We leave Portland on 295 North but pick up Rt. 1, "coastal route" at Brunswick. We continue up the coast to Bar Harbor. Again spectacular seascapes and foliage. Each section of the road is better than the last. The small towns of Rockland and Rockport and Camden are beautiful. Lots of great pictures and video to follow.

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